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Testimonials 2008

Set up new laptop PC and wireless router

29-Dec: "I have always been satisfied with the efficiency and professionalism that you carried out the work and solved my problems. Thank you very much." - Mr F.S., Stowmarket

Internet access blocked by expired Bullguard

19-Dec: "Prompt and efficient service as usual" - Mr R.F., Martlesham Heath

Set up new laptop PC

18-Dec: "I found Paul very good in all that I asked him to do - the service was first class. The job was to set up and explain in plain English the processes. This more than met my expectations." - Mr G.J., Capel St. Mary

Slow PC with display anomalies

16-Dec: "Great fast friendly service, highly recommended!" - Mr S.F., Bentley

Slow PC failing to start

15-Dec: "Difficult software problem solved" - Mr G.P., Kesgrave

Blue Screens of Death

12-Dec: "I am always very impressed by your prompt attention to my queries, and by the fact that the outcome of your work is invariably successful. Thank you." - Mrs M.S., Bramford

Diagnose failed desktop PC; upgrade and clear out tower PC

10-Dec: "Good service. Polite service. Very helpful. Many thanks." - Mr D.W., Martlesham Heath

De-personalise PC in preparation for disposal

5-Dec: "Yes, I was pleased. I would like to have had a fuller discussion about what needed to be deleted, i.e. screen savers. Perhaps I should have brought this up. Temperamentally you seem well suited to providing the sort of consultancy service which you provide." - Mrs J.A., Ipswich

PC failing to start, other minor problems

3-Dec: "Would recommend you to others and will definitely use your expertise when the next occasion arises." - Mrs D.S., Capel St. Mary

Replace old PC

2-Dec: "When faced with a very old and highly customised tower, Mr Atkin doggedly diagnosed its faults and recommended a very cost-effective replacement and set it up. His timekeeping is very reliable." - Mr P.K., Rushmere St. Andrew

Vista stuck in update/repair loop

29-Nov: "I felt both comfortable and confident in discussing our PC's problems with you - quite something as I tend to find PC problems intimidating and nerve-racking! Many thanks." - Mr J.L., Ipswich

Re-initialise PC

25-Nov: "Excellent service once again. Thank you." - Mr G.B., Ipswich

Malicious software removal and security software update

22-Nov: "Does exactly what it says on the box a rare commodity these days!" - Mr R.B., Bentley

PC 'health checks'

22-Nov: "The overall service and value for money cannot be faulted. We asked for a 'health check' on two computers. This was carried out expertly and very promptly and the advice we received was very helpful. Additionally, on advice, additional memory was fitted to a laptop, which has vastly improved the machine. An overall excellent service provided promptly and inexpensively. We have no hesitation in recommending the service and and will certainly use Web of Life Ltd.again for any future needs" - Mr T.D., Ipswich

Clogged mailbox, old PC

20-Nov: "Web of Life Ltd. explained very accurately the problems relating to my computer. I was given good value for my money. I would not hesitate to ask them to do more consultancy work for us. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my colleagues" - Mrs A.M., Washbrook

Sound problem

20-Nov: "The service I got from Paul was first class from the first phone call till he fixed my problem. Very good service" - Mr A.B., Martlesham Heath

Malicious software infection, Windows out of date

18-Nov: "Thank you very much for your help!" - Ms L.S., Stowmarket

Problem accessing email

17-Nov: "When my computer refuses to work for me, I call Paul. He sets me straight, explains what went wrong, puts it right and I learn a little more. I am grateful for his patience." - Mrs E.B., Little Blakenham

Set up new PC

13-Nov: "You were very patient and understanding in helping two not very technical pensioners transfer from an old PC to a new one." - Mr P.S., Felixstowe

Invalid copy of Windows

11-Nov: "I asked Paul to validate a pirated copy of Windows XP and he did this in a very efficient and friendly manner. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others." - Mr J.R., Ipswich

Problem with Internet connection

10-Nov: "I would recommend Paul to friends/colleagues. I was getting nowhere near a solution but Paul could speak with my broadband service provider technical helpline and persuade them to resolve problem. I should have called Paul weeks earlier!" - Mr S.L., Bentley

Assist with PC replacement

10-Nov: "Paul's patience is just what novices like us need. He takes time to explain things in layman's language and is not put out at the time it takes us to grasp what he is saying." - Mrs M.A., Burstall

Memory upgrade, malware removal

5-Nov: "Spam and virus successfully cleared, for which we are very grateful. An efficient and informative session. No problem too much trouble." - Mr G.L., MArtlesham Heath

Sometimes when I turn up the problem just goes away...

5-Nov: "I thought you provided an excellent service at a very reasonable rate. I shall not hesitate to contact you again when my computer goes wrong. Many thanks for your help and advice" - Mr J.S., Martlesham Heath

Long delay during PC start-up

4-Nov: "Having installed new hardware, was experiencing set-up problems which my limited knowledge could not resolve. Your expertise soon sorted this out." - Mr T.R., Ipswich

Windows corrupted

3-Nov: "Went the extra mile to ensure that all my PC problems were solved and my requirements were met. Provided a home visit service, which was especially helpful as it saved me both time and effort. Would definitely use this company again!" - Ms J.L., Ipswich

Lost files

31-Oct: "After thinking I'd lost all my pictures, documents and iTunes off my hard drive, PC World informed me that I would not be able to retrieve them. Mr Atkin called and restored all my files. Excellent service, and very patient." - Mr A.L., Ipswich

Set up new PC and multi-function printer

31-Oct: "I found Paul to be very helpful, professional in setting up my PC for me. Would call upon him again if I had any problems." - Mr R.T., Woodbridge

Lost Internet connection

28-Oct: "I was unable to contact the Internet for 4/5 days. Mr Atkin established contact quickly, explained the problem to me and taught me how to rectify the problem, should it occur again. Also showed me how to copy a DVD. I found him prompt, knowledgeable, patient (with me in explaining some details). I appreciated his effectiveness, courtesty and general helpfulness and would willingly recommend him to friends who might need professional help in solving computer problems." - Mr H.W., Woodbridge

PC wouldn't start

26-Oct: "Showed great patience in attempting to repair my ailing computer; gave good advice and offered a frank opinion regarding future reliability" - Mr M.S., Somersham

Multiple problems with Dell tower PC and backup regime

26-Oct: "Mr Atkin arrived initially with just one problem to resolve, but at each recommendation/remedy something else was found to be wrong with the PC. It must have been a nightmare for him. Nevertheless, he was patient and resourceful and so I now have a far better system than before. I am grateful and have no problem in recommending him to anyone. He is very fair when it comes to billing too. An unusual characteristic in rip-off UK. I am very pleased with his work and know that I have a reliable resource to call on should anything else go wrong with my PC." - Mr G.R., Capel St. Mary

Email problem

23-Oct: "I couldn't send emails - but could receive them!! Not sure whether it was an ISP or ‘Outlook Express’ problem. Paul managed to see where the problem lay, and solved the difficulty. Recommend you call him sooner rather than later - to avoit the ‘frustration factor’, if nothing else!!" - Mr J.H., Ipswich

Email and download problems

22-Oct: "Pleasure to deal with you" - Mr S.S., Ipswich

Set up wireless network, remove malicious software

22-Oct: "I found the way my problem was solved and dealt with were both professional and dealt with effectively." - Mr D.K., Martlesham

Set up wireless network

22-Oct: "I asked Paul to set up a wireless connection. I think this is the third time that I have engaged him to do some work and as usual he did it effectively and with the minimum of fuss." - Mr J.M., Capel St. Mary

Malicious software removal

22-Oct: "Service was prompt, competent and effective. Would have no hesitation in calling again. Many thanks." - Mrs A.R., Woodbridge

Email problem, PC running slowly

20-Oct: "Quick response to my phone call. Sorted my problem in a few minutes, then gave advice on ways to speed up performance of my PC. Very satisfied." - Mr P.L., Martlesham

Malicious software removal

19-Oct: "Fast and efficient. Sorted out our virus problem at a reasonable cost." - Mr B.H., Ipswich

Email problem

14-Oct: "Quickly disentangled my computer and web problems with knowledgeable adjustments and un-jargonised advice." - Mr B.H., Ipswich

Internet connection failed

13-Oct: "Very helpful - re-scheduled his day to fit me in! Provided useful information and advice" - Mrs C.P., Somersham

PC wouldn't start (due to failed disk drive)

12-Oct: "Mr Atkin understood what I was trying to explain, even though I really don't know very much at all about computers. Top man!!" - Ms T.S., Woodbridge

Malicious software removal

25-Sep: "We were recommended your services and found you extremely useful in removing virus/spyware from our laptop." - Mr F.S., Kesgrave

Malicious software removal

25-Sep: "Many thanks for a very efficient and friendly service. I would certainly feel confident in recommending you." - Mrs D.S., Shotley

Malicious software removal

14-Sep: "I found Paul very helpful & fixed my problem as he said he would in the time he said he could. Very pleased with service" - Mr M.G., Bramford

Malicious software infection

14-Sep: "Got my computer up and running again with the minimum of fuss" - Mr S.B., Ipswich

Malicious software infection

9-Sep: "We asked Mr Atkin to fix our computer as it had a virus infection problem. He visited our home and quickly found that he would need to take the computer away. We got our computer back within a week, fully functioning, ready to go. The service provided was fantastic and represented exceptional value for money. Mr Atkin did exactly what he said he would do and charged exactly what he said he would, no hidden extras. We would recommend him wholeheartedly and would happily use his services again." - Mrs K.S., Henley

Malicious software infection

7-Sep: "Chose Paul to fix my computer from Yellow Pages as his picture looked friendly. Understood my problems and although could not fix at home the machine was taken away and repaired. Thanks for a great service and a rapid repair." - Mr S.C., Ipswich

Set up wireless network, move main PC functions to laptop PC

27-Aug: "Paul always finds the problem, and installs new equipment making it look easy. I will always [use] him for future problems" - Mr M.S., Kesgrave

Slow running laptop PC with USB and Ethernet ports not working

10-Aug: "I had a problem with my computer not shutting down. You explained what you had done to rectify the problem. The service and helpfulness was excellent. I will come to you if I experience any further problems." - Mr A.H., Ipswich

Set up wireless network and email

7-Aug: "Having decided to update our Internet security, I found it impossible to install the new package because I could not remove all elements of the previous installation. Paul resolved that problem quickly and efficiently. A further issue concerned email. My wife could send emails in her own name but the replies always landed in my inbox. Since Paul's visit my wife now receives her own email." - Mr P.S., Ipswich

Set up wireless network and security software

7-Aug: "Paul gave fast, efficient and very knowledgeable service. Thank you." - Mrs L.M., Woodbridge

Set up AOL

4-Aug: "Very efficient and thorough service from this company. Would recommend to my friends" - Mr J.B., Kesgrave

Faulty router causing Internet access problems

1-Aug: "Excellent service - fast and efficient. I'll use them again without hesitation." - Mr R.B., Woodbridge

Install broadband, configure security products

31-Jul: "You were very helpful and gave a good service and a good value for money" - Mr A.V., Ipswich

Software conflicts

29-Jul: "An excellent service [???] a world foreign to me" - Dr R.C., Copdock

Set up new PC; fix problems with early Vista

29-Jul: "My need was for a local responsive computer expert with deep background plus up to date knowledge who would diagnose, advise, explain and then get my PC up and running and be available for follow-up. Having used home computers and various advisors over 10 years, I plan to continue to use Paul Atkin" - Dr J.W., Ipswich

Zone Alarm problem; accessibilty problem

23-Jul: "Being a self-taught novice, Paul Atkin gave excellent prompt service and explained my problem in English" - Mr D.N., Henley

Another slow-running PC

23-Jul: "Having contacted him on trust from his advertisement, I am extremely pleased with the service I received. It took only one hour to put my computer right after months of frustration and I can't express my thanks enough to Mr Atkin" - Mrs P.C., Martlesham Heath

Malware removal, fix problem with shared printer

17-Jul: "Paul is very good in overcoming PC problems. A minefield to me is no problem for him to solve. Will use again" - Mr M.S., Kesgrave

PC wouldn't start

14-Jul: "Thank you for your prompt efficiency in restoring my computer" - Mr C.H., Bentley

Couldn't access the Internet

11-Jul: "Could not access the Internet, even the tec. services at TalkTalk couldn't help, Paul found the cause in a matter of mins. Will not hesitate to call him again." - Mrs J.E., Kesgrave

That Zone Alarm problem

10-Jul: "We feel our computer is in safe hands - friendly and knowledgeable, doesn't make us feel too technophobic (even though we are)...just fixes it. Very fairly priced." - Mrs S.H., Tattingstone

Malware removal etc.

9-Jul: "I would recommend Web of Life to all my friends...found them to be very helpful" - Mr A.W., Capel St. Mary

Too many security products installed

8-Jul: "My computer was unusable, a call to Paul and a promise to try and fix it preceded his visit a couple of days later. I wasn't around for the problem solving but when I returned home everything worked again - all for a small fee." - Mr D.B., Capel St. Mary

Invisible optical drive

4-Jul: "Thank you very much for prompt & helpful service" - Mr R.S., Shotley

Problems accessing email

3-Jul: "My problem was - inability to access the Internet - compounded by not knowing whether it was an ‘ISP’ or ‘Outlook Express’ problem. Having exhausted the obvious channels with no success, I considered the service from Paul very good value, and reduced my frustration ‘level’ to normal, when problem resolved." - Mr J.H., Ipswich

PC stuck in start-up loop

3-Jul: "Within one hour my crippled PC was up and running again" - Mr S., Martlesham Heath

Make old PC ready for broadband

2-Jul: "Paul provided an exceptional service and solved the problems I had in a considerate and professional manner" - Mrs A.B., Rushmere St. Andrew

Fix Skype problem, change security suite, upgrade memory

30-Jun: "Mr Atkin's service was prompt and efficient, enabling me to use my computer in a more satisfactory way, especially my Skype headset, installed by me in total ignorance of the correct way!" - Mrs J.K., Ipswich

PC clear out

28-Jun: "Our PC was very slow and we had lost Internet access. Paul took our computer within 24 hours and returned it to us 5 days later, all fixed. Fast and efficient service" - Mr I.B., Capel St. Mary

Webmail problems, memory upgrade

27-Jun: "Each time for a call out, it has been prompt and helpful. Made the computer work again. Gave me more memory, which was advantageous" - Mrs M.B., Woodbridge

Install software upgrades and broadband

25-Jun: "We have used Paul Atkin twice and both times been happy with the outcome" - Mrs M.S., Ipswich

Set up local area network for a suite of 5 PCs

23-Jun: "Paul got straight onto the problem and worked through it methodically. I would happily recommend him to others" - Almond Computer Skills Limited, Capel St. Mary

Replace expired security software, remove malicious software, advise

21-Jun: "So far [my laptop] is running so much faster since it was de-bugged etc." - Mr M.S., Barham

Install AOL broadband and upgrade AOL software

16-Jun: "Very pleased to have expert input to complete all the surrounding issues rather than just what I thought we needed to have done" - Mr M.T., Martlesham Heath

Remove malicious software infections, upgrade memory and security software

14-Jun: "Excellent service and value for money" - Mr R.B., Martlesham Heath

Internet connection problems

13-Jun: "Dear Paul, As A complete novice with my computer, I appreciated whatever you did to get it working again. Many thanks" - Mrs R.K., Shotley Gate

Remove malicious software infections

11-Jun: "Excellent, professional and polite service. Excellent value for money and a worry free service. Definitely recommend Web of Life for friendly, honest workmanship" - Mr G.B., Ipswich

Problem with Internet connection

11-Jun: "I had a problem with my home network. I couldn't get it to connect properly. Mr Atkin found that there was a fault with the router. This was then quickly sorted out and now my network is running fine" - Mrs D.A., Claydon

Memory upgrade and fix various problems

9-Jun: "I was hoping to improve my meagre 256Mb RAM to 512Mb. Paul did better than this by upgrading to 768Mb for me at a very competitive price. My anti-virus software upgraded to the latest edition, a few minor problems resolved, and advice given on maintaining a stable system (shutdown procedures etc.). All in all, a most worthwhile visit - very good value for money" - Mr W.D., Ipswich

Remove malicious software infections

8-Jun: "Computer performing too slow to be usable. PC returned fully functioning - no further problems" - Mr A.G., Bramford

Re-install AOL software following change of ISP

6-Jun: "As always an excellent service and of great help in sorting out both big and small problems - I didn't feel like an idiot any more. Many thanks - I'll certainly call you again for any problems in the future" - Ms D.W., Ipswich

Printer problems

2-Jun: "Paul comes with technical expertise, patience and kindness and has never failed to put my laptop and printer back into the land of the living! I am reassured and confident of his knowledge" - Mrs A.K., Mistley

Replace failing hard drive, re-install software, recover data

31-May: "Swift service value for money excellent" - Mr A.E., Kesgrave

Replace optical drive, clean out PC

27-May: "Very satisfactory" - Mr M.P., Bramford

Graphics and security software upgrade

24-May: "Paul took time to establish what we wanted our PC to be able to do rather than simply doing what we thought was needed. As a result we have saved several hundred pounds and our PC does what we want" - Mr M.T., Martlesham Heath

Set up home network

22-May: "Paul provided a really professional and helpful service at reasonable cost to sort out our PC problems. We couldn't have been happier" - Mr D.B., Ipswich

Upgrade antivirus, advise

20-May: "You've always come to my aid quickly when my PC has played up. I am more than satisfied with the service you give and, if necessary, will definitely seek your assisstance and expertise in the future" - Mrs P.L., Capel St. Mary

Install optical drive and software, anti-virus

19-May: "I have always been satisfied with the service and the efficiency of your work. I would not go anywhere else!!" - Mr F.S., Stowmarket

Set up new monitor

13-May: "When I acquired a smaller flat screen monitor, I tried to alter the resolution etc. and completely messed everything up. Mr Atkin came very promptly and sorted the problem for me at a very reasonable and fair charge" - Mrs P.F., Nettlestead

Set up new PC

9-May: "Asked to set up new computer with software provided, also to instal anti-spyware etc. Job completed to my entire satisfaction" - Mr J.B., Bramford

Lost Internet connection; replaced security software

8-May: "It's a great help knowing we can call on you to fix our computer so promptly" - Mr J.L., Ipswich

Problems with email and Internet connection; security software installation

30-Apr: "Problems with emails and other connections were explained and dealt with efficiently and to our great satisfaction - excellent service" - Mr & Mrs L., Martlesham Heath

Install new printer, help with office software

29-Apr: "I have taken up computing at a late age and as a complete novice. Mr Atkin is proving to be a pillar of strength and is guiding me towards easy success" - Mr D.Y., Woolverstone

Set up broadband, fix problem with security software

28-Apr: "You did all that was required and made some very useful suggestions as to speeding up computer" - Mr B.S., Rushmere St. Andrew

Clean up PC

28-Apr: "As I am computer illiterate, I found you very helpful in cleaning up my computer, getting rid of unwanted file[s] downloaded by my so called computer expert children" - Mr A.S., Claydon

Slow PC

26-Apr: "Thanks very much - a speedy and efficient service" - Mr D.E., Henley

Set up PC, broadband, security software

24-Apr: "Very knowledgeable, able to resolve my various computer issues. Would not hesitate to use again" - Mr M.G., Waldringfield

Slow laptop PC

21-Apr: "Very professional & friendly, willing to give advice. You put things right - our laptop has been much better since you visited." - Mr M.M., Henley

Antivirus not working

18-Apr: "Paul is a quick, friendly and easy way to get your computer fixed!" - Ms S.G., Woodbridge

Problems with system recovery

17-Apr: "Easy to understand and to work with" - Mr B.C., Capel St. Mary

Replace security software, install office software

16-Apr: "I was unhappy with the virus protection I had, I was not confident enough to install a different one myself, so I asked Paul to install one for me. He ended up installing a few other things as well. He [did] everything I asked of him and more beside. Paul is good value for money, he is a friendly person & easy to talk to." - Mr H., Ipswich

Set up Quicken 2000 on new Vista PC

15-Apr: "Prompt response. Very helpful and competent service. Did all we asked. Would certainly use again." - Mr B.L., Tuddenham

Problem with email accounts

5-Mar: "Paul was very helpful in setting up my new system on his first visit, and I was very satisfied, therefore when my system developed problems, I had no hesitation in asking for his help again" - Finishing Touch, Hintlesham

Slow PC

4-Mar: "Fix my computer that was running so slow that I thought I would have to buy a new one. The service was exceptional in fact it amazed me. I would recommend Paul for any computer complaints. A job well done" - Ms J.E., Kesgrave

Set up wireless network and security software

3-Mar: "Good service, prompt action. Will use Paul again if required" - M&D Bottling & Packaging Services, Kesgrave

Fix MS-Outlook problem, set up backup system

29-Feb: "Paul Atkin provided a prompt and efficient service when I experienced problems with my PC. He has the ability to understand the limited knowledge which others have of IT and to deal with this in a down to earth way" - Mrs M.M., Hadleigh

PC not booting up, failed optical drive

28-Feb: "Web of Life Ltd. we found to be very quick and efficient and fixed our PC, which was failing to boot up, within an hour and even altered our settings to reduce the likelihood of it recurring which it hasn't. He also replaced an optical drive for us. We will definitely be using again for an of our computer problems." - Mr K.C., Ipswich

PC not booting up

27-Feb: "A comprehensive service, promptly delivered." - Mr P.J., Tuddenham

Wireless network and PC setup, disk space problem

27-Feb: "Paul was helpful, professional and friendly, and I would not hesitate to recommend him or use him again in the future." - Mrs A.C., Bramford

PC setup including moving email data

27-Feb: "Thank you for your quick, professional and effective service...I'd recommend you to everyone as their computer Lone Ranger! or 'knight in shining armour'!" - Ms S.G., Woodbridge

Help with structuring an MS-Word document

27-Feb: "Very knowledgeable, very helpful, very civil." - Mr H.R., Sproughton

Problems with performance, Internet access, optical drive access etc.

25-Feb: "Mr Atkin was requested to improve speed of response of my laptop (which was taking minutes to open files), investigate wireless network/Internet access performance and resolve optical drive problems. This was done within the agreed 2hr time period & fee paid was reduced due to non resolvement of optical drive problem. This was later resolved by a return visit after Mr Atkin found the solution. Fee charged for the return visit amounted to the figure required to make up the original fee despite taking almost a further 2hrs." - Mr R.F., Kesgrave

Set up wireless network, change security software, document conversion etc.

19-Feb: "A thoroughly competent and reliable service. Nothing was too much trouble." - Mr M.H., Pinewood

Replace failed hard disk drive; install backup system

18-Feb: "My overall impression of Paul is that he provides solutions to what you actually need as to what you think you need, and this often saves you money!" - Mr L.S., Capel St. Mary

Set up new PC, adjust router settings to allow access to websites

18-Feb: "Paul had to set up our computer system to help us set up all our files and enable us to use the Internet. It will make a great improvement to our day to day running" - Copdock and Washbrook Preschool, Washbrook

Death of PC

13-Feb: "Mr Atkin was unable to save my terminally ill computer (motherboard failure) but was able to rescue all my data and was on hand to re-install it in my new PC and to help me through the teething problems of a new operating system (Vista)" - Mr M.B., Bentley

Problem with broadband access; security software installation

12-Feb: "Thanks yet again for a job well done" - Mr B.W., Washbrook

Problems with Windows Movie Maker, iTunes; PC healthcheck, security software replacement

12-Feb: "Researched the problem you had before you arrived. This saved me money. Found a website to recover my lost iTunes. Very satisfied with you and your expertise. Thank you." - Mrs C.C., Rushmere St. Andrew

Problem with accessibility software

11-Feb: "Yes I was very pleased that you diagnosed the problem and was able to recommend a solution and install the necessary equipment with the minimum of fuss and in a very short space of time." - Mrs F.L., Shotley

Problem with dial-up

11-Feb: "A quick solution to a problem a telephone help-line had been unable to resolve. I would have every confidence in using WoL again" - Mr P.E., Bentley

PC infected with malware, conflicting security packages installed, Windows out of date

10-Feb: "Thanks so much! Everything seems to be fine and much quicker now all the rubbish has been removed." - Mrs C.F., Copdock

PC wouldn't boot

9-Feb: "I found Paul Atkin gave an efficient and friendly service, at a time convenient to me. I felt I was being charged an honest cost without being ripped off" - Mr D.C., Barham

Slow running PC

8-Feb: "First class attention in all departments. Will not hesitate to call on for any future work." - Mr P.C., Kesgrave

Backup issues

8-Feb: "I had managed to get my computer in a mess and was unable to extricate myself. Mr Atkin responded quickly and soon solved my problems, giving me very helpful advice. He is obviously extremely knowledgeable. I shall certainly rely on him in future." - Mr A.D., Kesgrave

Problems with security software

7-Feb: "Being a middle-aged computer novice, I have on several occasions been unable to access certain information or deal with seemingly minor problems. Paul has always been very helpful and patient when helping me deal with these issues. When something more serious occurred, I was very impressed by his knowledge and determination to sort out the problem and restore my computer to its normal function" - Ms C.H., Martlesham

PC setup and maintenance

7-Feb: "We have used Web of Life for all our computer service needs for the past 2-3 years and have found it a great relief to have such helpful service so readily available" - Dr M.M., Colchester

Help with broadband installation and with multi-function printer

4-Feb: "I found your service prompt, friendly and very helpful. The cost was very reasonable and I would always refer to you again when I needed advice." - Mr G.C., Woodbridge

Scanner not working

4-Feb: "Excellent service and have already recommended Paul to my daughter, who has already received the same excellent service" - Mr T.C., Ipswich

Set up secured home wireless network

2-Feb: "Would unhesitatingly recommend his services" - Mr R.R., Martlesham Heath

Problems with email and dial-up

31-Jan: "I employed Paul Atkin to set up my new laptop and to fix various difficulties. He has always responded very quickly and his work has consistently been of a high standard. He has also readily given helpful advice on the phone. I am technically unskilled and often lack the appropriate vocabulary; Paul is good humoured, patient and supportive." - Ms A.D., Great Horkesley

Problem with broadband access

10-Jan: "A very quiet approach, very smartly dressed. Very efficient." - Mrs S.M., Martlesham Heath

Set up Internet connection, change security software

8-Jan: "First class service meeting all my requirements" - Mr P.G., Woodbridge

Set up secured wireless network, set up laptop PC

8-Jan: "Extremely helpful in advising and executing our requirements to connect laptop to PC without umpteen wires, whilst maintaining security, quickly and effectively. especially ability to resolve any non-related queries within any unused part of the initial hourly charge. Highly recommended." - Mr & Mrs A. & B.B., Woodbridge