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PC repair

Circuitry on a USB2 PCI card


It's true that modern home PCs are much more reliable than they used to be. Nevertheless, under the covers they are staggeringly complicated and there is plenty that can go wrong, in ways that are very hard to predict. The effects can range from annoying niggles to an unusable machine. If you have a problem with your PC that you can't fix, I'll be glad to come and sort it out - just call me. In the unlikely event that I can't find a fix for it, I'll waive my fee.

"I can do most of what I want on a PC but then there are these time consuming irritations that come up when I am stuck and fearful of deleting the wrong thing. I ended up with 2 'My Pictures' and all my new photos ended up in the difficult to find one. It took Paul just a few minutes to untangle this and things are now simple. He seems to understand how the system actually works" - Mr. J.A., Colchester

HGST 1Tb portable external disk drive used as backup device

Backup, backup, backup!

I strongly recommend to all PC owners that you equip yourself with a suitable backup device (or devices) and use it/them regularly to back up your system and your data. This could save you losing all the investment of time and energy tied up in your data. Personally, I back up my data daily, and my system before any major change and at least monthly. If you are uncertain about how to do this, call me to arrange a consultation visit.