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Puzzled over a PC-related issue

There are many issues relating to PC purchase and ownership where you may be uncertain as to the best way to proceed. For instance:

What kind of PC should I buy to meet my needs without spending any more than necessary? What other equipment do I need?

What software do I need for my new PC?

I can't seem to do what I want with my PC, can I upgrade it or should I get a new one?

How should I back up the information on my PC?

How do I keep my data secure?

Call me to arrange a visit in which we can discuss your requirements and I will recommend what you need to do to meet them. My advice is impartial as I'm not connected with any suppliers.

...and tuition

Are you wondering how to achieve something using the software tools installed on your PC - perhaps having a sense that the way you're doing it now seems like an awful lot of effort?

Although I don't provide formal training in how to use tools like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, I have a lot of experience in using PC tools effectively and efficiently. Call me to arrange a visit in which I'll help you with your problem. If I can't find an effective solution, I'll waive my fee.