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I stopped asking for feedback (from which these testimonials are taken) some while ago, as I found that I no longer had time to process the responses that my clients kindly made. Nevertheless, I hope it's helpful to provide these testimonials in spite of their age.

2009 testimonials

2008 testimonials

2007 testimonials

2006 testimonials

Here are a couple of unsolicited testimonials that I received more recently:

Various problems over the years

14-Aug-18: "Brilliant! Brilliant! The word echoes round our house after a visit from Paul. Not for nothing is his email address

For people like me using a computer is like driving a car. You know the basics but have no idea of the mechanics that keeps it running, so when a car gives trouble you call the garage to sort it out.

When your computer suddenly refuses to do what you've been doing, you panic - press buttons you've never touched before and then you reach for the phone and ring Paul. He is always prompt in replying and arranges to call. When he comes he listens as you explain and you can almost see the cogs in his brain beginning to assess what needs to be done. Best left to get on with sorting out the problem rather than showing how ignorant you really are, he will not give up until the problem is sorted.

As a writer, now an octogenarian, I rely totally on Paul to keep my computer in running order but each time I meet him, I am reminded of the lines from Oliver Goldsmith: " and still the wonder grew/ that one small head could carry all he knew." " - Mrs S.H., Ipswich

Supply and set up refurbished PC

23-May-17: “This is just to say a big thank you for supplying a new computer and doing all the work necessary to get it going for me. I hadn't realised how slow and creaky my old system had become, so working with this one has been a revelation.” – J.S., Ipswich