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Terms of business


Through my business 'Paul Atkin Computer Services' (PACS), I offer a problem resolution, advice and support service in respect of PCs and issues related to PCs.

On receiving your request for this service, I will take details of the request.

I may be unable to respond to a service request immediately, and I may decline to take on a service request without giving a reason.

If I agree to take on the service request, I will arrange either to visit you at a mutually convenient time and place (usually, where the PC is if the request is for work on a PC), or for you to bring the PC to me.

Appointment times are provisional, may be affected on the day by various factors, and it may not be possible to keep clients informed of changes; please allow plenty of time for my visit. If it becomes clear that I will be unable to keep an appointment, I will notify you as soon as possible using the contact details that you have provided.

I will work to meet the service request in the most effective way (according to my professional judgement), while minimising the cost to you.

Payment will be due upon fulfilment of the service request. I will accept payments in cash; by cheque made payable to PACS; or made using a bank transfer.

Visiting service charges and availability (rates valid from 1-Jul-2022 until end 30-Jun-2023)

Availability is provisional and for guidance only.

Mon-Fri excluding Bank Holidays Weekends and Bank Holidays (usually not available)


6pm-10pm (limited availability)




First hour (minimum charge), Zone A



Not available


Not available

First hour (minimum charge), Zone B



Not available


Not available

Subsequent, per hour (charged pro rata)



Not available


Not available

Note (1): the minimum charge only applies if I perform a service for you - it is not a 'callout charge'.

Note (2): Zone A includes locations within a 20 mile drive and Zone B includes locations within a 20-30 mile drive of my home base in North Ipswich. When making the appointment, I will use Google Maps to find out which fee will apply, using the shortest route from my home base postcode (IP1 6SQ) to the location postcode that as far as possible uses main roads and avoids Ipswich Town Centre.

Note (3): if I need to make more than one visit to complete your service request, the subsequent visits will be charged at the subsequent rate, with no minimum charge.

Note (4): if visits scheduled to complete 10am-6pm take place or run on after 6pm, they will be charged at the lower (daytime) rate.

Note (5): I will always tell you when (in my judgement) completion of your service request is likely to take longer than an hour or require more than one visit, and ask for your approval to proceed with the work that is needed.

Off-site service

If you prefer to bring your PC to me for service (when that is compatible with the nature of the service request), there will be no minimum charge and I will charge a reduced rate of 42/hour, charged pro-rata to the nearest 10 minutes. I will contact you when the PC is ready for collection. Please note that I do not offer a 'while-you-wait' service.

Supply of components and software

With your approval I may obtain components and/or software required to complete a service request and will make additional charges for any such items. Any new components that I supply are guaranteed against failure in normal use for two years from the date of supply and in that event (and subject to availability) will be replaced free of charge with an identical or equivalent component. Any used components that I supply are similarly guaranteed for three calendar months from the date of supply. Components supplied as replacements under guarantee are guaranteed until the end of the guarantee period for the original component. Software I provide is guaranteed to be suitable for the purpose for which I provide it and if subsequently found to be unsuitable, can be returned for a refund of any charge made for it.

Guarantee against failure of expertise on my part

Where I have accepted a service request to fix a hardware or software problem or to provide an effective solution to a problem with the application of your PC, if I am unable to offer you a fix or workaround or effective solution for it, I will waive PACS's fee for the time I spend on that problem.


I undertake to exercise due care and attention to preserve the integrity of your hardware, software and data. Notwithstanding this, PACS shall not be liable for any losses you might suffer in consequence of or associated with my service provision where the cause is outside my control.


I undertake to keep all details of you and your PC use confidential, except where you have expressly authorised me to reveal such details, or where such use is in my judgement illegal, or where civil authorities require disclosure.