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Upgrades and enhancements

Card for installing extra internal hard disk drives

Improve your PC...

The great benefit of the way PCs are designed is that they are in large part standardised. This means that you can add in extra bits and pieces to enable you to use your PC for tasks that you might not have foreseen when you bought it; I call this an enhancement. You may also find, after you have had a PC for some time, that you need to add more system memory (can make your PC run faster) or hard disk space; I call these upgrades. Another upgrade well worth considering is to replace a PC's mechanical hard disk drive with a solid state drive (SSD) - this can give a PC a new lease of life, especially if it has a good basic specification.

...or get me to do it...

Upgrades and enhancements can be quite easy to do, especially if what you are adding can be connected externally to your PC via a USB or Firewire socket. Even if you need to open up the case of your PC to perform an internal upgrade, this is usually quite straightforward. However, if you need to upgrade or enhance your PC and you don't feel confident about doing it yourself, call me to arrange a visit in which I'll do it for you. I can also advise you on exactly what to buy, if you are uncertain about this.

...could your PC be a pleasure to use?

"My computer was running very slowly and kept stalling with error messages. Paul quickly diagnosed the problem as a shortage of memory and sourced some suitable and cheap RAM. On fitting this, the machine now runs like new, speed much increased and no errors: a pleasure to use rather than the frustrating task it had become" - Mr. P.T., Ipswich