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Testimonials 2007

Slow running PC; set up email filtering and backup

28-Dec: "Simplified and solved our PC problems" - Coopers Country, Coddenham

Lost Internet connection, other minor problems

28-Dec: "Many thanks for your prompt attention and service provided. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services, in fact I have already done so" - Mr A.B., Barham

Replace security software not working properly

19-Dec: "Able to identify problem prior to visit and resolve problem quickly and efficiently by arriving with downloads to save time. Highly recommended" - Mr P.G., Barham

Problems with email

13-Dec: "The service provided was friendly, efficient and economical" - Mr R.C., Clopton

Complete overhaul of PC and home network

12-Dec: "You came to my rescue after my PC had become 'stuffed up' with unnecessary data like a knight in shining armour! Results were immediately beneficial and a great relief" - Mrs D.G., Martlesham Heath

Set up home network and security software

11-Dec: "IT is an absolute mystery to the over 60's (and probably those younger) but with the excellent service from Paul Atkin of Web of Life Ltd. there is no need to worry. All difficulties overcome with fair pricing" - Mr C.H., Washbrook

PC overhaul

11-Dec: "Responding to a request for a general overhaul of my computer, Paul was able to identify and resolve several issues that would potentially have caused serious problems in the future. He did this efficiently and effectively, and I would have no reservations about calling him again if needed." -

Upgrade PC, set up home network

10-Dec: "Very professional and confident in his approach to the problem. Will not hesitate to use Paul again" - Mr R.D., Martlesham

Transfer email data from old PC to new

6-Dec: "Efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and reasonable rates. Would definitely recommend to my friends and family" - Mr P.B., Woodbridge

Set up mailing label template

4-Dec: "Very satisfied with your service, which was carried out quickly and efficiently. I will certainly use your services again should the need arise" - Mrs P.L., Capel St. Mary

Network connection not working and PC cutting out

4-Dec: "Very good, very knowledgeable and resourceful. Solved my problems briskly with no wasted time" - Mr T.D., Lawford

Laptop PC running slowly

3-Dec: "A fast responsive service provided at a time when I really needed help. Mould have no hesitation in calling you again" - Mrs L.D., Martlesham Heath

Problems with Yahoo email

3-Dec: "My Internet access was extremely slow. Paul provided a very prompt and efficient service, identified the problems and provided a speedy and effective solution at a very reasonable cost. I would strongly recommend his service to my family and friends" - Mr M.E., Ipswich

Problems connectind an Apple Mac to the Internet

3-Dec: "Quick response, good work and friendly, and sensible prices" - Mr J.S., Rushmere St. Andrew

Problems with email accounts; PC running slowly

30-Nov: "Paul listened to our needs and concerns and quickly displayed a great depth of knowledge, the result, a working computer!" - Mr P.G., Ipswich

Lost Internet connection

28-Nov: "Having spent more than 1 hour talking to BT Broadband (in foreign English) because I could not go on line, my computer crashed. I was sent a new disc. I discovered Paul's advert in local community news and he came to my rescue. Not only solving my problem but giving further helpful advice. Thank you!" - Mrs E.B., Little Blakenham

Memory upgrade, security software replacement, software installation, wireless network setup

23-Nov: "Asked Paul to set up a wireless network within our home. This consisted of 3 laptops and a printer. He also installed all the appropriate software necessary and security. We feel it was money well spent to have everything running smoothly and would have no hesitation in using him again" - Mrs K.M., Grundisburgh

Set up Internet connection

22-Nov: "Considering I am a complete novice, it was explained to me in clear terms what was trying to be achieved" - Mr M.R., Shotley

Data transfer to new PC; tuition

22-Nov: "I found your service in transferring some data and in demonstrating some processes to be expert, patient and very helpful" - Mrs E.I., Stowmarket

Networking with AOL

7, 12-Nov: "I am really happy with the friendly service that Paul provided. On his first visit, Paul restored my PC, which had gone ‘blue screen’ and had been totally out of my ability to deal with. On his second visit, he gave me an independent wireless network connection to AOL, installing a modem and and setting up my personal settings" - Mrs S.W., Somersham

Internet connection failed following software uninstallation

12-Nov: "Paul unravelled the mystery of ‘Vista’ and other software very effectively, for which I thank him most sincerely" - Mr W.L., Manningtree

Set up wireless network and backup system

9-Nov: "I wanted a wireless network set up and my backup system established. All was done swiftly and efficiently, with a lot of helpful advice" - Mrs C.F., Woodbridge

Corrupted Windows installation

5-Nov: "Very thorough in getting to source of trouble. Spent some time and in my opinion was good value" - Mr B.S., Rushmere St. Andrew

Malicious software infection

5-Nov: "Thanks for the helpful and prompt attention" - Mr E.T., Capel St. Mary

Security software replacement, document conversion

2-Nov: "Paul arrived promptly after my initial telephone call and resolved my problem, which was inability to retrieve data, very quickly and professionally. Very friendly and approachable" - Ms C.F., Kesgrave

Printers not working

1-Nov: "Excellent, flexible service provided with clear, simple information and instructions" - Dr N., Ipswich

Set up wireless networking; fix problems with iTunes, Camedia

1-Nov: "Fixed with the minimum of fuss" - Mr P.C., Capel St. Mary

Set up wireless networking, replace security software

15, 30-Oct: "I was very satisfied with the way you dealt with my problems over wireless networking, software conflicts, and unwanted items in the autostart lists. In addition I was pleased with the free security software that you installed in place of my Norton security" - Mr J.B., Bramford

Windows XP re-installation

22-Oct: "Prompt professional service. Value for money. I would and have recommend the service to others" - Mr D.J., Martlesham Heath

Set up secured home network, replace security software, advise on use of speech input with Hotmail

19-Sep-07, 17-Oct: "Paul provided prompt and effective professional help, with lucid explanations. What more does one need?" - Mr I.L., Kesgrave

Memory upgrade and security software installation

16-Oct: "I was very pleased with your prompt service and friendly approach" - Ms D.W., Ipswich

Restore missing sound and speed up slow PC

15-Oct: "My PC startup was slow but the problem has been resolved and using the Internet is more pleasurable. And it was done at a reasonable cost" - Mr B.S., Woodbridge

Make PC run faster

12-Oct: "Web of Life is an organisation I would use again and recommend to my friends" - Mr M.P., Kesgrave

Windows Update problem

12-Oct: "I was having a problem with Windows updates. Paul sorted it out very quickly and effectively" - Mr J.M., Capel St. Mary

PC running slow

10-Oct: "Came promptly and soon sorted out my problem. My computer is now restored to good health" - Mr P.A., Martlesham

No need to repeat...

9-Oct: "I had a number of issues that required Paul's expertise, from networking our laptops to our main computer (including shared printer) to upgrading an XP model with Service Pack 2. In all aspects, Paul was friendly and professional. We now have a home network system that functions to our requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend his services" - Mr J.W., Rushmere St. Andrew

Replace security software, restore internet connection

13, 24-Sep-07, 5-Oct: "I have always found Paul to be prompt and prepared for the task in hand and ready with alternatives if necessary" - Mr R.H., Kesgrave

PC failing to boot

4-Oct: "I was unable to use my computer until Mr Paul Atkin came to my rescue. Many thanks" - Ms C.M., Rushmere St. Andrew

Set up wireless network; advise on various issues

2-Oct: "Prompt and helpful advice on laptop problems including slowness and wireless network" - Mrs V.P., Woodbridge

Problems with browser and software licencing

19-Sep: "Very prompt service - helped me get back on track with my PC" - Mrs S.B., Woodbridge

Problem accessing email

17-Sep: "Unable to print emails received. Important as I have relatives abroad. Quick response was appreciated. Error was apparently not complex if you know the answer! Examination of other screens resulted in small adjustments made to improve reception. Very satisfied" - Miss D.B., Ipswich

Remove malware infection

16-Sep: "Having a deep-seated malicious programme which resisted all my attempts to remove, I found that your knowledge and expertise removed all traces within a minimum of time, for which I am most grateful" - Mr A.W., Kesgrave

Set up wireless network, provide tuition

13-Sep: "After calling Paul to install a wireless router, he did so very quickly and was able to sort out other problems I had within the agreed time. I wouldn't hesitate to use his services again and have recommended him to my friends" - Mr R.S., Mistley

The man says it...

11-Sep: "Fix[ed] system corruption problem caused when installing a multi-function device on Windows [ME]. So very pleased with service" - Mr K.B., Stowmarket

Fix corrupted anti-virus installation

10-Sep: "Thank you for coming to my rescue so promptly and a job well done" - Mr B.W., Washbrook

Fix problem connecting to the Internet

8-Sep: "After several wasted hours trying to fix it myself, Paul made my home network work without any fuss" - Mr P.W., Ipswich

Fix broken Adobe Reader installation etc.

7-Sep: "Mr Atkin's service was very efficient. We would recommend his service, and definitely use him again if the need arises" - Ms M.P., Kesgrave

Memory upgrade and other tweaks

7-Sep: "Would recommend - a competent service at competitive price" - Mr N.T., Bramford

Set up Internet connection

6-Sep: "I was happy with the service and I will call you again if I need you" - Mr C.P., Woodbridge

Fix Internet connection problem and faulty optical drive

5-Sep: "I was most impressed with the service; speedy, friendly and efficient - I would definitely use Web of Life again" - Mr J.D., Capel St. Mary

PC clean-up; replace faulty optical drive and upgrade memory

1-Sep: "I'd both use your service again and recommend you to someone else" - Ms S.D., Shotley Gate

Read on...

31-Aug: "I asked Paul to set up my Internet connection and to copy photos from my camera using my laptop's SD slot. He also installed AVG free anti-virus. His instructions on how to update it were clear and concise and I am very happy with the service he provided. The service he provides is both friendly and professional and I would certainly use his services again. I would recommend him to anyone who asked for advice. I would also point out that he arrived promptly and his charges are very reasonable" - Mrs S.R., Woodbridge

PC PSU failed

31-Aug: "As always - problem solved. From broken to working with one easy step - phoning Paul. Thanks again" - Mrs M.B., Claydon

Fix problems with Norton Internet Security

30-Aug: "I'd had a problem for some days and was getting nowhere. Computer locked solid. Then I saw your advertisement and phoned in the morning. You arrived early afternoon. The problem was fixed in about one hour. It's been fine ever since. If I have any more problems, I'll send for you. I'm very grateful" - Mr A.D., Kesgrave

PC clean-up

29-Aug: "On your first visit, was able to deal with things on the computer that had not been done before. Helpful and friendly service for a novice, who has only limited knowledge" - Mrs M.B., Woodbridge

Set up new PC

17-Aug: "Very satisfied. Would seek help again if and when trouble occurred" - Mr R.F., Martlesham Heath

Fix problem connecting to the Internet

15-Aug: "Very efficient and quick response, and at a very competitive price" - Mrs T.W., Ipswich

Check out system; give tuition to beginner

13-Aug: "It was very good work and I hope to see you soon for some more help" - Mrs M.A., Melton

Printer problem etc.

13-Aug: "Good service - will pass your telephone no. on" - Mr R.C., Little Blakenham

Fix PC failing to boot. Clear out unwanted software and install security suite

10-Aug: "My computer failed to boot, but Web of Life provided a fast, effective solution, installed free anti-virus software and weeded unused software all for little more than the cost of the call out charge" - Mr A.S., Tattingstone (Note - I don't have a call-out charge. See my terms.

Fix problem connecting to the Internet; set up security software

8-Aug: "Paul Atkin was very helpful, wasn't satisfied until he got the job done!" - Mr S.D., Ipswich

Fix problems with audio capture hardware and software

6-Aug: "Quick and efficient response" - Mr J.D., Nettlestead

Set up TalkTalk broadband and email

6-Aug: "Friendly meeting (trust I gave as good). Spotted connection problem at first glance! Would not hesitate to ask Paul in the future" - Mr D.K., Stowmarket

Set up new PC and broadband connection

3-Aug: "...I wanted to say how happy I am with the installation you provided. In the four weeks since the operation I have not encountered one single glitch in all the various programmes you installed. The printer is working superbly well, and the whole system is so much superior to my previous outfit. I am really well pleased and feel it was the correct action to have a professional involved. In the event of a later problem I will have no hesitation in contacting you for your advice" - Mr G.K., Stowmarket

Set up wireless network

2-Aug: "We could not get connected to the Internet, and Paul came and in a few minutes resolved our problem. We will most certainly use him again" - Mr R.H., Martlesham Heath

Laptop PC hanging

31-Jul: "Very helpful. Felt confident after talking to Web of Life that problem would be solved at last, and I wasn't disappointed" - Mr P.B., Capel St. Mary

Fix Word 2000 problem

26-Jul: "Managed to sort out problem and explain solution for if it happens again. Would recommend service to anyone" - Mr J.F., Stowmarket

Tweaks to improve PC useability

25-Jul: "Good service and on time. Many thanks" - Mr B.C., Capel St. Mary

ADSL modem replacement; software installation and updates

No quick summary of this client's long list

23-Jul: "Paul - thanks for your help" - Mr S.W., Capel St. Mary

19-Jul: "Great result to a long going problem. Paul knew how to resolve straight away and we would definitely contact him again next time we experience a problem" - Mrs S., Bentley

Check for malware; fix Word 2000 problem

18-Jul: "Prompt response and good value for the money" - Ms M.W., Kesgrave

Remove malware infection

16-Jul: "I had a problem with some virus. Paul arrived and quickly put my mind at rest. The problem was resolved very efficiently and I was very happy with the service I received" - Mr J.M., Capel St. Mary

Problems with mail merge and security

5-Jul: "Formatting of data types in Access changed when merged with Word documents. Paul Atkin took care to understand the problem, quickly found a solution and explained everything very well. He also checked security and other aspects in need of attention, giving suggestions for future improvement. Excellent!" - Mrs V.S., Little Blakenham

Remove malware infection

3-Jul: "Asked to clean up hard drive of viruses and generally speed up m/c. Everything done effectively and efficiently. Very pleased" - Mr D.K., Martlesham

Tuition for a beginner

3-Jul: "For a slow pupil over 80, you did the best you could with unpromising material. Thank you" - Mr J.C., Ipswich

Fix problems arising from malware infection

2-Jul: "I found Web of Life Ltd., i.e. Paul Atkin, very helpful and very good at his job; and he lets you know time and expense as he works at your problem" - Mr A.D., Claydon

Fix an anti-virus installation

28-Jun: "I can rely on Paul to confront a problem and return with an answer" - Mr R.H., Kesgrave

Fix problem with wireless network; install security software

25-Jun: "I was very pleased with the way you connected my laptop to the Internet and all the safety things you did were more than I expected. Thank you" - Mrs A.E., Lawford

Set up backup system; fix problem with HP application software

15-Jun: "Very professional approach, which resolved my issues perfectly. Paul took the time to reflect on the appropriate solution for my PC, and carried out the fix very efficiently and quickly" - Mrs T.M., Levenheath

System upgrade, update and clear-out

8-Jun: "This is the first time I've needed the service of an IT Consultant. As a computer novice, I found the service excellent" - Mr M.G., Ipswich

Set up wireless network and TalkTalk Internet connection

22-May: "Did everything I required to my satisfaction" - Mr C.B., Kesgrave

Lost programs following Windows glitch

22-May: "Excellent prompt service, and good advice given. Excellent value for money" - Dr R.C., Copdock

Fix problem accessing the Internet

21-May: "I was unable to access the Internet caused by Windows software distribution folder corruption. Paul identified and fixed the problem, confirmed that connection to the Internet was okay following restart. Paul also changed my monitor refresh rate to eliminate flicker, gave me tuition in copying files to a CD and Bullguard spam filtering facilities. I will have no hesitation in using Paul again as and when the need arises" - Mrs S., Nacton

Check out dial-up connection; install security software

18-May: "Good value for the money" - Mr M.S., Ipswich

Set up wireless network; replace security software

17-May: "First class service, friendly and knowledgeable work carried out" - Mr M.S., Ipswich

Unblock Outlook Express; system clear-out; look at upgrade options

14-May: "I was very satisfied with the service provided. Not only was my problem sorted out, but recommendations were suggested that might be beneficial in the future. Should I have any future difficulties, I would contact Web of Life again and would definitely recommend it to others" - Mrs P.H., Sproughton

Configure Outlook to access various email accounts; fix broken security software installation etc.

11-May: "We were very pleased with the service. Paul dealt with our problem in an uncomplicated and straightforward way, using language that we could understand. Thank you" - Mrs C.G. and Mr P.G., Ipswich

Various system tweaks

10-May: "I am so glad that I called on you to sort out my computer. So many problems had mounted up with it - memory problems, keyboard problems, and I've never been able to open pdf documents on it. I was delighted with your calm, efficient approach. I am getting much more from my computer now and I feel I understand it a little better too. Thanks for your help" - Mrs M.B., Claydon

Obtain and install Vista printer software etc.

9-May: "Very prompt and helpful service for those, like me, who are utterly bamboozled by jargon used in normal books and instructions" - Mr W.L., Manningtree

Recover corrupted laptop PC; remove malicious software infections from desktop PC

9-May: "All working properly again, thanks to Mr Atkin! Very good service" - Mr P.J., Tuddenham

Failed hard drive

8-May: "Excellent response and a friendly, professional value-for-money solution to my problems. Thank you Paul" - Mr P.R., Woodbridge

Email not working; security software expired

8-May: "I can certainly vouch for Paul's computer expertise. When he came to my aid, there were four problem areas with which I had struggled unsuccessfully for some time. Following Paul's visit, my computer is now working perfectly. Wonderful! Such a relief" - Mrs E.P., Martlesham

Tuition for a beginner

16-Apr: "I requested simple, easy to understand explanations as a beginner and found Paul most obliging and helpful" - Mr C.G., Ipswich

Set up wireless network etc.

16-Apr: "In setting up my wireless network and installing various items, I found Paul Atkin most professional, helpful and coupled to a friendly approach would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone" - Mr R.W., Woodbridge

Set up new laptop PC; transfer data from old PC

5-Apr: "Paul was asked to set up HP laptop and a printer. He was the soul of calm and reassurance in a saga caused by [a major PC supplier]. His fee was also fair under this provocation. I am delighted to have 'discovered' him and will use his skills again (if necessary!)" - Mrs A.K., Mistley

Install BT Broadband and set up wireless network

4-Apr: "A prompt, efficient service" - Mrs D.C., Kesgrave

Get AOL broadband working; change security software; procure/install graphics card

30-Mar: "Prompt and responsive service" - Ms M.B., Ipswich

Failing hard drive

24-Mar: "I knew my hard drive was failing fast and I needed help came to my house, confirmed what I was expecting; ordered a hard drive from the Internet and came back the following Sat, installed the hard drive and all my programs very satisfactorily. I would recommend Paul to anybody" - Mr C.R., Lawford

Performance improvement

21-Mar: "Mr P Atkin was very helpful, he tweaked my machine and added memory. It is now much faster" - Mr G.J., Kesgrave

Spam problem; PC running slow

20-Mar: "Your answers to my initial enquiry were positive and helpful, and when a home visit became necessary, you quickly assessed the situation and installed Mailwasher; a great relief as spam email messages were increasing daily. Also, my computer speed has much improved since you increased the memory" - Mrs J.R., Woodbridge

Slow Internet access etc.

13-Feb: "Paul managed to sort out the Internet problems with my PC very quickly, giving me excellent advice to update elements of the PC to enable me to carry out necessary work without spending a fortune. An excellent service" - Mr M.C., Claydon

Shopping list of problems

12-Mar: "Paul carefully assessed my concerns and soon became familiar with my computer set-up. He used his time efficiently and solved all the difficulties, also taking the trouble to ensure the set up was effective. He was obviously delighted to do so and I will feel more than confident to ring him again in the future and to recommend him to others" - Mrs M.C., Belstead

Broadband problems on a Windows 98 PC

9-Mar: "I would recommend your service to all those in need" - Mr R.C., Clopton

Various including poor PC performance

27-Feb: "A problem common to many of us - slow PC. I was all for purchasing additional memory. Paul, however, came up with far more cost-effective solutions. A genuine service by a genuine person" - Mr L.S., Capel St. Mary

Set up wireless network with shared printer

19-Feb: "Having tried and failed twice to set up a wireless network at home, I called Paul - he had no problem!! I wish I'd called him sooner" - Mrs S.L., Kesgrave

Fix malicious software infection and overhaul PC

18-Feb: "We had thought that we would need a new computer, but after five hours of hard work by Paul, we have a system that works perfectly. Excellent value for money. Thank you" - Mrs M.S., Bramford

Set up Internet connection and wireless network

Jan/Feb 07: "Invaluable service, could not have set up by myself from scratch. Kindly not pushing, deserves success" - Mr K.W., Capel St. Mary

Slow running Vaio

16-Feb: "I asked you to improve the performance of my laptop Sony Vaio. You diagnosed shortage of memory, sourced the necessary memory chip, supplied it and my laptop is now a joy" - Mr M.N., Kesgrave

PC infected with malicious software; both Windows and security software out of date

16-Feb: "I had reached a point where I was afraid to switch on my PC. Since having Internet access, it had been infected with numerous viruses. Paul Atkin successfully restored it to full working order and with his advice, my family are enjoying the benefits of the PC. Thank you" - Mrs P., Capel St. Mary

Problem connecting to AOL

12-Feb: "I was having problems connecting to AOL. This was done [fixed] very quickly and things I didn't need were removed from my computer and advice was given as to several other queries that I had. I will not hesitate to call you again if I have a problem. Thanks" - Mrs M.T., Otley

Set up secured wireless network, including connection to XBox

11-Feb: "Fulfilled requirement entirely" - Mr & Mrs L., Ipswich

Anti-virus not updating

13-Feb: "When I moved to this area in 2006, I was unable to access my anti-virus program. Paul deleted the old one and installed a new one for me, which seems to be working very well now. Thank you Paul" - Mrs J.B., Great Blakenham

Graphics upgrade to low-spec PC

29-Jan: "I was of the opinion that you tried to overcome my problem with great enthusiasm and dedication, so thank you and I will surely use your services anytime I need help" - Mr D.R., Baylham

PC wouldn't boot due to accidental deletion of system file

23-Jan: "Very prompt, considerate, thorough and very good value with the offer of no payment unless successful" - Mr P.H., Kesgrave

Problem opening PDFs, memory upgrade etc.

19-Jan: "Nice to have such expert help from a local service. Many thanks Paul" - Mr J.A., Kesgrave

Set up new PC, transfer data from old, install free security software, modem and dial-up connection

15-Jan: "Upgraded PC and required a qualified professional person to do this - Paul carried this out - outside the normal working hours, which suited my requirements" - Mrs P.N., Barham

Set up wireless network; demonstrate faxing from PC

8-Jan: "Unreservedly recommended!" - Mr G.P., Capel St. Mary

Set up computer, broadband, provide basic tuition

4-Jan: "From not being able to use the computer at all, Paul has set my system up + given me enough tuition to get me started with a certain amount of confidence" - Mr R.P., Stowmarket

Set up BT Broadband service

1-Jan: "Very satisfied" - Mrs S.W., Washbrook