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Testimonials 2006

Set up dial-up Internet connection; transfer files from old PC to new

29-Dec-06: "Many thanks for the work carried out so promptly. I would have no hesitation in calling you again, or recommending your services to anyone else" - Mr A.B., Barham

Check/reconfigure home network; provide/install RAM upgrade

5, 12-Dec-06: "I would recommend you without reservation" - Mr M.P., Woodbridge

Mouse failure and other problems

3-Dec-06: "Paul was very helpful and soon found solutions to fix my various computer problems. I shan't hesitate to call him again if need be" - Mrs J.A., Stowmarket

Various services including making the computer easier to use

28-Nov-06: "Paul is very prompt in attending calls and professional in his approach. I was very impressed by his integrity" - Mrs B.J., Claydon

Advice on security software

28-Nov-06: "I would happily recommend Paul Atkin. I asked for advice and help with anti-virus programs. This was dealt with promptly, efficiently and in a pleasant, helpful manner" - Mrs M.S., Rushmere St. Andrew

Restoration of Internet connectivity; mail merge

24-Nov-06: "Being what is called a 'silver surfer', I had some anxiety when I lost the Internet connection. Paul was very understanding and quickly put it right without a hint of patronism for a 'late learner'. He then helped me with a problem that I had with 'mail merge'. His name is now in my phone book, and I will not hesitate to call him again however big or small a problem I encounter" - Mrs A.B., Woodbridge

Getting broadband up and running on an old PC

24-Nov-06: "Mr Atkin provided a very good service, which was carried out in a friendly and knowledgeable manner" - Mr A.G., Melton

Set up home network for access to employer's systems

20-Nov-06: "Thank you Paul - I had been fobbed off with incorrect information for weeks by both my [Internet] service provider and my employer's IT Department before I asked you to sort out my broadband connection. As a result of your assistance with that, I was immediately able to recommend you to a colleague, who I know was similarly impressed with your service in relation to another problem" - Miss C.G., Rushmere St. Andrew

Multiple malware infections

14-Nov-06: "Thanks Paul for restoring my PC. Having updated Windows to Service Pack 2, things are OK. If I ever have a problem again, I will call you in" - Mr R.S., Ipswich

Not just PCs

11-Nov-06: "Although this was not Paul's primary sphere of expertise, he proved to be extremely competent and easily managed to resolve the problems I had encountered in trying to set up the interconnections between my new digital TV, DVD recorder and VCR/DVD combi-player" - Ms S.M., Langham

Unable to access Internet; mailbox corrupted

10-Nov-06: "Our inbox had disappeared and Email and Web access was denied. Mr Atkin fixed it in record time and with amazing competence" - Mr F.S., Stowmarket

New hard disk drive

9-Nov-06: "I wished to replace the c:\ hard drive on my PC. However, due to particular circumstances, the existing d:\ hard drive had to become the c:\ drive and the new, extra sized drive became the d:\ drive. Mr Atkin was very helpful with regard to his advice and co-operation in performing adequately what needed to be done" - Mr A.M., Stowmarket

File sharing over home network

3-Nov-06: "I really appreciated Paul's help with a problem that was more complex than at first realised. I would recommend Paul to anyone with wireless complexities" - Mr M.C., Woodbridge

Malware infection

26-Oct-06: "I use my computer to work from home. When it became infected by a virus, I called Paul Atkin and he managed to re-schedule his diary and came the next day to sort the problem out. Thank you" - Ms R.M., Chelmondiston

Internet access

16-Oct-06: "A very nice and friendly man that you can approach and ask advice, that doesn't make you look silly" - Mrs K.W., Kesgrave

Enabling email

10-Oct-06: "As a fairly inexperienced PC user, I found your prompt and efficient service most helpful, and would recommend such service without hesitation" - Mrs E.I., Stowmarket

PC overhaul

3-Oct-06: "Many thanks for prompt service. If it wasn't for your good service, I would still have a sick computer" - Mrs S.B., Somersham

Freezing laptop

25-Sep-06: "Paul was obviously unwell on the day I contacted him reporting a problem with my laptop. However, despite this provided an excellent service and professional advice. Within six hours my laptop was collected in good working order. I would recommend Paul to my friends/colleagues as he offers an effective and efficient service" - Ms S.D., Kesgrave

Anti-virus renewal

12-Sep-06: "Having suffered problems with Anti Virus, subscriptions renewal and difficulty in making contact, I decided that a call to 'Web of Life' was the right route to take. Paul Atkin arranged a data and duly arrived. One and a half hours later my problems were solved. Why did I worry for so long?" - Mr R.H., Kesgrave

Problem with optical disk drives

5-Sep-06: "I had a problem with my DVD and CD-ROM drives, which did not want to work. I asked Paul to try and fix both the drives, and his helpfulness and willingness were beyond the call of duty, as he returned for second time with a different approach to the problem. Unfortunately, the problem could not be fixed, but his determination was brilliant" - Mr D.M., Claydon

RAM revamp

14-Jul-06: "My computer was running very slowly and kept stalling with error messages. Paul quickly diagnosed the problem as a shortage of memory and sourced some suitable and cheap RAM. On fitting this, the machine now runs like new, speed much increased and no errors: a pleasure to use rather than the frustrating task it had become" - Mr P.T., Ipswich

Mcafee malfunction mended

4-Jul-06: "When I switched my PC on the McAfee download arrow appeared and I was not connected to the web. It also stopped me going on line easily. It carried on for 3 days and I stopped and started everything I could to no avail. I called Paul who does not use the program and could not see the machine. He talked me through and found the one thing that I had missed. Saved again" - Mr J.A., Colchester

Wireless network

9-Jun-06: "I can strongly recommend Paul's computer skills. I asked for his help after completely failing in my attempts to install a wireless network, which was certainly not the simple task I had been led to understand it would be. Paul has sorted this out very competently, with the result that I have a stable and secure system, which has given no problems since installation" - Mr D.V., Ipswich

Folder foul-up

6-Jun-06: "I can do most of what I want on a PC but then there are these time consuming irritations that come up when I am stuck and fearful of deleting the wrong thing. I ended up with 2 'My Pictures' and all my new photos ended up in the difficult to find one. It took Paul just a few minutes to untangle this and things are now simple. He seems to understand how the system actually works" - Mr J.A., Colchester